MT7981 / FiLogic 820 Mainline OpenWRT 23.04+? (GL-iNet Spitz / X3000)


I have several GL-iNet devices including the Spitz AX X3000 5G Cellular and other FiLogic 820, FiLogic 830 chipset devices.

What is required or left to be done for official OpenWRT 23.04+ to work on these FiLogic 820 (MT7981, 7681) and FiLogic 830 devices?

I am prepared to offer a monetary bounty/sum to a developer or every member of a team that works together to bring support for this/similar devices, if such is allowed here.


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They (mt7981 devices) should be available in the next OpenWRT release, mt7986 are already supported.

But possibly some stability fixes need to be done, there are some reports of network hang.


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