Mt7915e wifi not working

No, I reinstalled because at the time I botched the installation trying to add to grub a newly-installed Debian on the same drive. So I ended installing Debian, then writing OpenWrt image after that.
I gave an example with Manjaro because I have a live usb with it and the card works with both Manjaro live but also with the newly installed Debian.
Firmware for Debian is the same as the one for owrt, but then again, I manually downloaded an updated firmware and the issue persisted, so I can cross that out as a possible cause.
So the new installation of OpenWrt now is the same as the one in the repo x86-64 target, besides a few packages I have installed, point is, the card is not working even on clean install.
Card worked with Owrt 22 stable but given how it is being no longer supported after 3 weeks, I don't really wish to go back to it. Besides, even though it worked, there were some serious issues with the speed, so I reckon it was just barely working.
What I noticed is radio1 was listed as MediaTek MT7915E and radio2 was listed as MediaTek MT7975 on Owrt22.
On this version, both radios are listed as MT7915E

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