MT76x8 or MT76xx How to config for one or two antenna only?

Hi, I'm new here. My first question is about the router antennas with MTK chip. The original router comes with 4 antennas, 2x2, perfect. Now I need to cut out some antennas. My app no need all 4 antennas.

From HW point view: 2x2, that is 2main+2aux. If 3 antennas used, cut 1aux. If 2 antennas only, keep 2main / cut 2aux.

My question is How to config / modify source code for above new situations, even only 1 antenna the minimum case.


Hi all, I can not find any answer in google.

It's really no need to care about the software, just cut out the antenna?

I'll try to test it.