MT7628 Beginning

Hi Friends.
A favor, I would want to consult to you about the MT7628, I am beginner using it, could I use this chip like router Wifi with sim card (networks 3G,4G)?.

What IDE program can I use to programm this chip?. What port can I use to program it: uart, I2C, Spi,.. ?

I thank you so much for your help.

The forum search for that term has 50+ results.

If you have a (supported) board with that chip, and it features a built-in supported xG modem, or features USB2/3 Host support, then yes. Provided you can can set it up.

Whichever one you choose to modify the code you pulled from upstream.

The usual paths on supported devices are upgrading straight from the vendors firmware into OpenWrt, or instructing the bootloader via serial console to RAM-boot an OpenWrt staging build before flashing the persistent build.

You might get answers more on point to what you are looking for by reading the famous How To Ask Questions The Smart Way before posting your follow-up.

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@Ed3002 welcome to community,

I think you start your research at the wrong end, OpenWRT is a Linux system, and Linux kernel takes care of interacting with hardware, so you can program like normal Linux - run scripts, compile your own C programs and so on. It primarily runs on home routers. like best supported in this list:
Or if you have aged router check list for current 23.05 version still supporting it:
Or type router name here:
(note you need to find instruction page before modifying anything your device)
Would be enormous programming feat to write complete network operating system from zero.

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