MT7623A Datasheet

Hello, while trying to hunt down the datasheet for the MT7623A, I had managed to find three possible sources, all in chinese forums which require creating an account to download files (and with China's regulations, that means that you are required provide an account on QQ, and/or a chinese phone number, so that's a no go for me, especially as I don't have a chinese phone number).
Can someone who already has an account on one of these two sites help me get the datasheet?
I intend to provide links on WikiDevi and the OpenWrt forums, if possible.

These are the links: (from

try downloader

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Thanks, I'll try that.
Update: It keeps erroring out, claiming the the lines are not legal expressions, even though I had made sure have all dependencies installed, even reinstalling python-qt4 (I'm a Solus user, so QT4 and Python 2.7 are pretty much legacy software for me, but I keep them installed for things like this).
Update 2: Using Bing translator, I just saw that the website this tool relies upon no longer works, since they were approached by CSDN and were required to disable their online CSDN download tool.

well then try to register with csdn, i tried signin via github, not working atm they only accept wchat. maybe i already had account there but i forgot which email i registered it with, and translating and registration/account recovery is currently pita for me...

Thanks, however as I had already said, I am not too keen on exposing myself per the chinese government's regulations, and in any case, I do not have a chinese phone number, nor a QQ account (I had a QQ account back from before it was chinese, due to QQ games being integrated with AIM, however I have deleted my account there since, and I do not use AIM either), so the website does not let me register.

I'm not asking for anyone else to register, only if someone already has an account, if they can help me get ahold of the file.

You cannot use that first link, they want you to buy some site credits to download it.

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