MT7622 open source driver, any findings on speed improvement

Running official 22.03.2 firmware on Xiaomi AX3200, tried both open source/mtk wireless driver. Open source driver's performance is terrible.

Open source: Without any obstacle in between, AC/AX iperf3 speed would drop to 2 digits if I keep few steps away from the router, 3 meters away will drop speed down to 0. upstream is always 2 digits.

mtk: Performance is satisfactory, but miss the features that I need. (mac filter, 802.11r)

Anyone has findings of fix or improvement with open source driver?

tried add following options in /etc/config/wireless, no improvement.
option local_pwr_constraint '0'
option he_bss_color '8'
option he_su_beamformee '1'

90Mbps on iPhone 13 just sit beside the router.

In this screenshot I see that one of your wifi radios has a signal to noise ratio (SNR) of -70dBm, which is not very good. If that is the one you have measurements for, then it could explain the abysmal transfer rates. You should try to find out why it is -70dBm and if there are things you can do that would decrease that value (e.g. moving your devices, using different cables, etc.)

There could be many reasons for this. One thing you could try is to increase or decrease your power levels. Yes, you hear right. Decreasing powerlevels can lead to increased performance, because if there are many devices they may interfer with each other. An easy to understand analogy: Imagine a room where everybody is shouting at each other. Nobody will understand, because it is too loud in general. When everybody whispers, they will be able to understand their neighbour at the very least.

Thanks for the suggestion. yes the signal is so weak with open source driver, i literally have to tap my phone on the router in order to get close to 500Mbps. mtk driver does not have this issue.
Will try to decrease power and see if can get improvement.

you also could try to use different devices for measurements. I have seen somewhere another forum post observing issues with Apple devices disconnect and going into powersave mode or something with weak signal like 70dBm, but I don't have an Iphone, so I naturally cannot provide proof.

I can reproduce the problem and also confirm it. The problems do not occur with the MTK driver, only with the open source. This has nothing to do with the devices (iPhone or similar) that dial into the wifi. Can't we just track down the problem and not keep making excuses. This is not meant personally, but apparently no one feels responsible for it. I would do it myself, but I am not a developer.

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well i think this is very simple, we have two option, use option one or use option two. both drivers are good,
it's like buy a sports car if you need that, buy an off road if you need that.

yes, there definitely is something going on with driver/firmware or other wifi related software at the very least on mt7622 and mt7915 devices when it comes to 802.11ax (EDIT: the issues I refered to are probably (but may not be) related to mt76 driver!), but you also cannot deny that jamestien has not provided enough evidence to completely rule out that it is some kind of configuration issue or there is some kind of signal interference caused by other devices in the house.

See here for similar hardware with drastically better measurements (although no distance was mentioned): 802.11ax worse than 802.11ac with mt76 driver? - #37 by dekomote

no, nothing about that, mtk is mtk,mt76 is mt76.

so there are two versions of mtk drivers?

  • opensource mtk?
  • oem mtk?

My bad. I thought the open source version would be mt76!

not sure what you mean

jamestien mentions two different drivers: one open source driver and another mtk driver.

yes that's right

the upstream kernel driver

driver part of the official mediatek developer sdk

in other words that are the driver that xiaomi firmware use, not really, even better on openwrt,more option and less restriction.

stock configuration except local network adjustment, and the options I've added in order to get improvement on signal/speed. Tried also on RedMi 11 Pro 5G phone, same results.

open source driver - the one come with official openwrt firmware.
mtk - the one xiaomi firmware use.

I've owned Linksys, TP-Link Archer C2, C7, Asus AC1300UHP... before I buy a router I always check on the device lists, to make sure it has no major issues and features supported.

There is no any mention of XiaoMi AX3200 (or similar device uses mediatek MT7622) wireless performance issues on the toc page.

Trying to be a little bit more precise:

What about output of

iw and iwinfo? - (Got the commands from here)

cat /etc/config/wireless

@ThiloteE thank you for asking, sorry got busy with the Banana Pi BPI-R3 that just delivered yesterday, installation & performed all well. Will go back to focus on AX3200 tomorrow.