Mt7621: Xiaomi Mi3G How to configure VLANs (tagged ports)

I'm used to configure vlan-tagged ports using the Switch menu. Apparently the Xiaomi Mi R3G doesn't have/support that way of configuring.

How do I configure VLANs (Create a bridge in 802.1q, eg. br-lan.23) ? and then add LANx to that bridge ? That doesn't sound right ?

My device doesn't resemble the "default" network described here:

You're not saying which release you are using, so that leaves us guessing. But since you are lacking a switch menu, you're probably on DSA, so 21.02 or higher?

This script should get you started, after that you should see a basic DSA switch menu available in LuCI under Network > Interfaces > Devices where you can configure bridge VLAN filtering. Might need a network restart or reboot.


Sorry, didn't realize it would make a difference, I'm on 21.02.2.
Thanks for the advice, will try!