Mt7621 switch port LEDs

The HLK-7621A module that is the heart of HLK-7621A evaluation board has a few LEDs soldered, they are mentioned in the module documentation:

ESW_P4_LED_0 Port #4 PHY LED indicators
ESW_P3_LED_0 Port #3 PHY LED indicators
ESW_P2_LED_0 Port #2 PHY LED indicator
ESW_P1_LED_0 Port #1PHY LED indicators
ESW_P0_LED_0 Port #0 PHY LED indicators

My understanding that by default they are accessible through the embedded switch and probably require some DTS changes before they start flashing.
Here I see a reference to a GPIO mode switch:

gpio-controller: Boolean; if defined, MT7530's LED controller will run on
GPIO mode.

but not sure how to address the LEDs then.
Can anybody advise how can I get them working?

Edit: it started working on its own, probably after a reboot. Still curious about this "GPIO mode"