MT7621 routing performance issue

I have a MT7621 based router, mikrotik hEX RB750Gr3. The product spec page says it has 1972Mbps routing throughput, my testing result proves it is true. (using two ipef3 at the same time, about 1700Mbps)

But after flashing OpenWrt, I found its routing throughput was limited under 1000Mbps, with HW FLOWOFFLOAD enabled.

Is there a way to fix it?

Is there any other testing results about MT7621's routing performance ?

It seems that no one test download and upload simultaneously, so no routing performance above 1Gbps under OpenWrt is proved. I doubt OpenWrt has defect with supporting routing speed more than 1Gbps, at least for MT7621.

I faced this problem for my test router yesterday and while I was searching I can see it is an old story. My problem is with Qualcomm QCA9531 CPU and even worst! I am trying to figure out may it be a network driver issue or routing issue!

Stock firmware utilize closed source solutions to offload routing to dedicated hardware. Due to the closed source nature, this functionality is not available under OpenWRT. Routing performance is therefore often slower under OpenWRT than stock firmware.