MT7621 flow offloading

I have enabled flow offloading for MT7621 on my ZBT WE-1326. I have few questions.

1- I see that iptables had a rule with FLOWOFFLOAD and it seems to be doing something.
61210 3763K FLOWOFFLOAD all -- any any anywhere anywhere /* !fw3: Traffic offloading */ ctstate RELATED,ESTABLISHED FLOWOFFLOAD hw
Is there any other way of checking that it does do anything? Other than using a benchmark? Some way to see that hardware is actually doing some work?

2- There are 2 checkboxes on LUCI. It says Software flow offloading and Hardware flow offloading. OK I understand the hardware offloading uses some CPU features. But what does Software flow offloading do exactly? I mean, isn't it done in software anyway even when it is not selected? What is the difference between software offloading and no offloading?


The main thread, there are some others.

I saw that earlier but that seems to be more of a debugging thread of the feature. I think it makes little sense to try to discuss all aspects of the feature in one thread as it gets very large also.

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