Mt7621 DIR-860L does not support VLAN's

I'd like to give some further feedback. In the other thread where the same problem is discussed, I wrote that with current trunk, vlan isn't working in case I need VLAN7. This was the case for doing the sysupgrade keeping the settings and deleting VLAN 3-6. it actually did work when I started from scratch, adding only VLAN7.

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Adding in that I can confirm this issue is still present in LEDE stable 17.01.2 r3435-65eec8bd5f.
The workaround provided in Problem with VLAN tagging on DIR-860L (MT7530) DOES work around the error, however it's needed to keep all intermediate VLANs assigned to get to the desired. Removing any inbetween resurfaces the problem.

Looks like it's more or less just failing to assign the VLANs if they are not incrementing in order 1-2-3 etc.

I'm entirely uncertain then if this issue is limited to the MT7621 and/or the DIR-860L. In my test playground it doesn't really matter the assignments, but obviously for production this would be a larger issue.


Not a problem if your internet connection is trunked in the VLAN7, for example, but if you have it in the VLAN835, then it is.

Still no advance?.

Has there been any update on this? I am looking for a new Fiber connection, but the ISP is using VLAN tags in the 6xx and 7xx range. The workaround isn't really usable in that case.

For people that are experiencing the same issue, please upvote the issue on Lede's bug tracker so it will be dealt with sooner:

We are having a parallel discussion in another thread, therefore closing this thread now.
Please see Problem with VLAN tagging on DIR-860L (MT7530) for further discussion.