MT7621 bricked


I've this Wavlink AC3000 device ( ) which is the same as this: Win-star AC3000 ( ). The "official" model would be WS-WN536A8.

Well, it is a MT7621 device with MT7615 WiFi chips. I know MT7615 are not open source some I don't care about the WiFI right now (even though they are still plugged in on the device).

So, I've compiled an OpenWrt build for MT7621 with very basic packages so I could just boot it. However, I couldn't boot it and I don't know how to debug it.

I've flash this firmware using tftp, which after some work, I got it to upload it to the hardware. But now I'm stuck. Any light and help is appreciated.


This may require disassembling the flash and burning the firmware using the burner.
To say something off-topic, even if you just use the mt7621 device as a wired router, its experience is quite bad. Usually you can't use dhcp to get ip or encounter compatibility problems between Gigabit switch chip and client Gigabit LAN.:roll_eyes:

Try boot one of the other openwrt files from TFTP that match the memory size of your device


it you had a backup of the original mtd partitions you could then restore them

Thanks for your replies.

The manufacturer sent the original firmware and I could bring the device back to life.

I will test flashing an image that fits the memory. Thanks for the suggestion.

who is the manufacturer ? download link?

Device: Wavlink AC3000 device which is the same as this: Win-star AC3000. The "official" model would be WS-WN536A8.

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