Mt7615 not working at all

hi, today snapshot my netgear r6260 the 5ghz radio is not working, scan for access point not working, manual configuration not working. yestarday snapshot was working good, but today on that version is not possible to install packages

You'll need to revert this commit. I'm seeing the same issue (although I tried the newer driver on 19.07).

not sure about your advise. i need compile a custom build with an older makefile?

Either that or try to get a hold of an older snapshot, yes. Driver was bumped yesterday.

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also before yestarday snapshot with some trick i was able to set txpower 24dbi and the range was really good, and on yestartday snapshot only 22 dbm, and the range was not the same.

@bricco1981 Did you manage to get it fixed? Are things working okay again for you?

hi i have it in the box, not using it, i need check but this are very bad days for me.

Alright. Give a yell when you got time to test. Take care.

still bad , with today 21.02 snapshot, scan for other wireless does not work well, injection does not work on 5 ghz, 160 mhz does not work, and i don't know about stability, i don't use it, i have it just to see the progress of mt76.

You might be having bad block issues, there's patches sitting in Patchwork that make OpenWrt use the partition table that your device comes with, see:

Might be worth a shot building an image with these patches and seeing how your wireless behaves then.