MR8300 sudden problem ( the cause could be wifi survey or just bad luck?)


after setting up and using OpenWrt 21.02.2 on MR8300 for almost a day, today

while staring at the wireless survey the router suddenly stopped working.

Efforts to reset and re-install have failed, since the ethernet interface
keeps stopping after 1-2 seconds.

Have you tried the hardware switch maneuver, to switch to the alternate partition ?

If it's a software failure within Openwrt, you will be able to reflash the partition. If it's a hardware failure, that will be tougher.

The router stopped working suddenly, when requested the channel analysis on one of the wifi 5ghz interfaces.

The router has now switched to the linksys partition, but the ethernet interface keeps restarting and all wifi are off.

Will try to continue setup on the linksys firmware through the mobile app if possible.


I remember such issue, but can't tell if it was on this device.
I had issues with this device at unpacking. It seems that the device needs to run on linksys firmware for a while in order for the wifi to "calibrate". After some time, I installed OpenWrt and it is running very fine since.

That is not normal. How old is your device ? Does is had electrical problem previously ?

The router has been returned.

Well :woozy_face:
Hardware can't be 100% reliable.
I own or manage several Linksys routers, they are working great once installed.

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