MR6400 V4 Bricked

please help
tplink mr6400 v4 00000002 I bricked it
the led just blinks
Tried the TFTP method with the original firmware but the results are still bricked

is there any other way to restore my router

please help and instructions


Only the mr6400 v1 is supported, it would really suck if you flashed a v4 with a v1 firmware.

Did you cut the file as described in when attempting to unbrick ?

There's a v4 beta FW available from tp-link here -

As @frollic mentioned there is a development release for MR6400 v4 (and MR6400 v5). Development releases are missing a lot of functionality (for example, no luci web interface).

TFTP method needs a cut from the original firmware. I found the offset for my v5 using binwalk and comparing with the development TFTP file.

As a heads-up, I also have issues activating the LTE connection.

@walminahe #MR6400 v4 tp link sim router. walminahe this happened to me too. but luckily after searching i stumbled upon how to fix it. the whole process must be followed right from the start. like step 1) make sure u plug internet cable in mr 6400 wan port .2 installing open wrt with the recovery.bin image.. via flashin those steps u must b knowing....tftp with opkg update 3 after update dont install luci yet. 4) use sysupgrade with linking it to the upgrade file url proper system upgrade cmd and paste the url link.) i dont know how to upgrade a file on a local i used the url method. once ur sure upgrade was successful i.e luci has been installed. well done.reboot. only one wat to check. go to and check if lucy page is there??...if it is just log in as no pass word is required. once inside luci go to firmware upgrade and upgrade like wats shown in this video. the guy uses latest firmware around 7mb. only use the latest one. other wont work. luci wont accept any other than lates one. then upgrade. ok now. main objective here is to install luci successfully once done....follow thos video instructions yeah ok. instal MR6400 firmware. latest one. not the TP-LINK TL-MR3020. good luck.

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TLDR; He cuts out the 1st 257 bytes of the TP-Link recovery image using dd, so it's accepted by openwrt.

many thanks