Mr3420 v2.2 debrick

im using tp link tl-mr3420 v2.2 brick from flashing different openwrt roms.
And my problem is in the picture showing kernel panic unable mount rootfs rebootinh in 1 seconds, i can't type "tpl" in putty cannot typing anything with baudrate 115200 using serial cable pl2303TA but the driver is working fine.
At the first starting putty its showing unknown characters and continue with normal characters kernel panic etc.
Its the cable problem or the baudrate problem ?
Help me to fix this problem sir.

It's possible that TP-Link has cut the RX line of your router (not populated the correcponding 0-Ohm resistor), to prevent access via serial console. If you can rule that out, it's possible that the bootloader is using a different baudrate than the kernel (57600 would be another option), but my guess would be on the former.

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