MR3020 with TP-Link firmware is not detecting the Huawei Dongle E3372

Hi to all,

  1. TP-Link MR3020 is not detecting the Huawei Dongle E3372. what to do (i rebooted it; and it didn't work).
  2. And in the TP-Link QuickSetup the Mobile ISP drop box showing for me USA, i live in AUSTRALIA. In this case what to do?

Any idea's...............

Which OpenWrt release have you running on your MR3020?

Hi tmomas,

Thanks for reply,

you are asking the version of the TP-Link ryt? it is TP-Link MR3020(EU) V3.20

No, since you are in the OpenWrt forum here, I'm asking you which OpenWrt version you have flashed onto your MR3020.

Basically i haven't installed any OpenWrt versions on MR3020 and my TP-Link MR3020 firmware version is 1.30

If you didn't understand mine answer leave it..

Thanks for your reply..

Sorry, but we can not help you with issues regarding TP-Link firmware.
Please ask your question to the TP-Link support.