MR18 Flash - UK

Hi Everyone,

Anyone able to flash x2 Cisco Meraki MR18's for me please?

Kind regards


Hi PriestyUK,
Were you able to find somebody to flash your device?


Yes I found someone on ebay who done it for me, posted it to him and then he posted it back once he flashed it


Thabks for your quick response.

Can I ask the price? And, which method did he use? I'm trying like crazy with JTAG but it's not working just for a little bit.

Thank you and regards

Not sure, it was this guy who done it for me maybe have a chat with him:

bartouk on eBay


## bartouk on eBay

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Thank you very much for helping me.

I'll contact him via ebay. I hope he can help me.

Thanks again, and have a good weekend


Hi again.

I'm sorry for bothering you again.

BArtouk has just tell me that he never flashd such an AP. He owned one, but was unable to flash it..Could you please make a quick research just to know who was the man?

Thank you very much