MR12 initial flash

I'm trying to flash an MR12. I have everything setup (TFTP, IP etc.) and I can get the AP to pull files from the TFTP server.

I cant however, seem to find the correct image to do the inital test boot from! I'm looking in here: and have tried the mr12-squashfs-kernel.bin file, but this complains of a kernel panic (see pic).

Thanks! (I will add, I'm extremely new to OpenWRT and firmware flashing in general!!!)

you will have to start with an initramfs image (not a sysupgrade).
you can find it here: riptideware MR12-MR16 repo
did you have a look at the MR12 device page ? did you watch the youtube video referenced there?

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Hi, thanks.
I did actually use riptides builds in the end as I realised the ones I had were for the actual flashing - rather than in mem.
I did checkout the video, but again, it assumes you had either built it or was using riptides (quite old now) builds. Apart from the last part which is the actual flashing.

The doco on the wrt site haven't been updated since the transfer of riptides patches to main branch. Might see if I can update it a bit.

I did notice that the 2nd NIC still isn't detected, has there been a patch etc. realised for it?

don't worry about the age of riptide's build. use it to flash OpenWrt. Then do a sysupgrade from within OpenWrt to the current release.
good idea to update the device page.
I don't know about a patch to get the 2nd NIC working.

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