Moving tmp/var to permanent storage

Is possible to move tmp/var to a permanent storage?
Here in this (old) wiki article,
they recommend to create a swap partition/file, remount tmpfs with larger size and decrease swappiness.
Is there no better way to move tmp/var to a permanent storage?
In which state at boot is the tmpfs created?
I tried looking through the init files, fstab, etc. But couldn't find anything.

/var is just a symlink to /tmp.
You can replace it with a directory to make it persistent.

Thanks for the link.
I know that var is symlink to tmp.
But replacing var with a directory of choice or point the symlink else where is not enough.
Because tmp is still stored in tmpfs (ram).

Why do you want to do that and where do you want to store the data?

To free up some ram.
The storage is an external hdd drive.