Moving and labelling WAN Ports in LUCI

I finally got OpenWRT running on my ER-x.
I'm trying to do all the config through LUCI, but maybe I'm missing something.
The ER-x has 5 physical ports (eth0 to eth4). The default config seems to be eth0 is WAN and the other ports are LAN.
I'm trying to move the WAN port to eth4 and then setup WAN2 on eth3. I'll setup WAN failover as a separate task.

The switch screen or interface screen doesn't give me the option to move the WAN port to eth4 or rename LAN4 to WAN2. Do I have to drop to CLI to do that? See the attached pic.

BTW- I prefer the web interface of OpenWRT vs EdgeOS. I would like to do 99% config thru the web interface. Is this possible with OpenWRT?

Hi you only have 1 Ethernet interface eth0 that is connected to a switch with 5 physical outputs
the labeling you have circled you can't change & should match the labeling on the case of you router
how ever you can change the name internally on the interface page
you current setup look's ok
you have your LAN1,LAN2 & LAN3 connected to eth0.1
you have you WAN connected to eth0.2
you have you LAN4 connected to eth0.3
now you need to add the correct mappings of the eth0.VLANs on the interface page
this is where you change your labeling & you may need to add another zone to you firewall etc

Thanks Lucky1,
The ER-x doesn't have a dedicated WAN port, the ports are flexible according to config (see the attached pic).
I've already setup the interface screen and assigned WAN2 to Vlan3. I would have thought the label on the switch screen would change to from LAN4 to WAN2.

I think my expectation is a view of 5 ports, labelled LAN1, LAN2, LAN3, WAN2, WAN.


it shows the following switch ports.
I presume the question is are these hardcoded, and can they be changed and reflected in the LUCI web interface?

ex-x sw ports

in an ideal world the switch page would reflect the real world device
but who ever setup this device in openwrt didn't add a new entry with correct labeling
I see for the next version with DSA it have been fixed tho
it's also very confusing labeling to use
if it bothers you you can compile you own version
just add new correct entry for UBNT-ERX
so no you can't just change that labeling in Luci

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Thanks Lucky1,
Its starting to make sense to me now.
Lan1=eth1 Lan2=eth2 Lan3=eth3 Lan4=eth4 WAN=eth0.

The labels Lan1 to Lan 4 and WAN are fixed labels and do not reflect the user config. If I move the internet connections to eth3 and eth4 they will still be labelled Lan3 & Lan4. If I make eth0 into a Lan port it will still be labelled WAN and show at the end (as per my picture in the first port).

It's a real shame that the Switch labels can't be edited in LUCI- its going to look confusing.
Hopefully the next update will fix.

Anyway thanks for your help.

the labels are change for the upcoming version
but the switch page will be gone with a soon to appear VLAN config thing
they have removed the externally controlled switch & have integrated it
so it just appears like you just have 5 ports

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