Move wiki todo list into the issue queue?

I suggest that get split into separate issues and added to to allow everyone to track status, progress and so on.

To me these are issues, not always code but still issues, that needs to be addressed, discussed and fixed. A list like that in a wiki quickly get out of sync with the work of the project and is not suited, in my head, for this kind of information.

Yes, I think some of the points on the todo should be moved to the issue tracker and the todo page in the wiki removed completely.

I know that @tmomas has used these to-do's in the past. I would be OK moving them elsewhere.

No, I didn't. You are mixing up the LEDE todos with the wiki todos at

Well, I personally think they both should be moved into the issue queue. I see no reason why "only" severe bugs/features should live there. They just end up as dead documents in the wiki.

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