Move on Kernel 6.4

I got a new WIFI7 Xiaomi 10 Gigabit Router(Router 10000) developed by Qualcomm IPQ9574/IPQ9570.
Build in ARM A73 4cores(2.2GMhz)/2G DDR4 memory/USB 3.1 port. It can be rooted. So I rooted it and want to make it my home Server(NAS/HIFI Server/Wireless Router).
But IPQ9574 is just supported in kernel 6.4 version.
Does anybody want to move on it?

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OpenWrt 23.05 will use Kernel 5.15 (23.05.0-RC2 uses 5.15.118).

You're welcome to create your own builds with a different kernel version to attempt to support this chipset, but keep in mind that it will likely require a lot of work.

I know that. Because I didn't follow this project for a long time. So It's impossible for me to merge all patches to kernel 6.4. If anybody started, I would do something.

Chances are that nobody working on the official versions has moved to 6.4, but maybe someone with a customized fork is working with it... I wouldn't count on it, but you never know.

Good luck!

Thanks for your kind reply. I think maybe I need to wait a few months.....
This WIFI7 router is pretty cheap($286) and has bugs to be rooted. But it just was released in the China region. Recommend buying it online.

You might also want to look at this:

TL;DR -- it'll be a while and a lot of work.

Note: OpenWrt officially uses only LTS kernel.

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It was developed with openWrt 18.06-SNAPSHOT and kernel 5.4. But I need to build in some audio ALSA kmod and I need opkg supporting.

root@XiaoQiang:/etc# uname -a
Linux XiaoQiang 5.4.164 #0 SMP PREEMPT Thu Mar 30 08:02:40 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux
root@XiaoQiang:/etc# cat /etc/openwrt_release
DISTRIB_TAINTS='no-all busybox override'

Truly ancient.... but this is not uncommon for commercial development where they will produce a very highly customized, closed-source firmware based on old versions of OpenWrt.

Expect to wait a double digit number of months, and not merely just barely into the double digits.

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I must admit that I dropped out of the Quclomm status discussions a few years ago... Is there any reason to believe this platform will be supported? Like ever.

It probably will, even QCA is doing upstreaming at this point for peripherals.
The issue currently is cost and availability of HW and 802.11be still not being officially nor support for it being complete in upstream


But hasn't the problem with QCA lately been that more and more of their code is closed source running on hexagon cores, with little documentation of the unstable APIs between drivers and blobs? I don't see how any upstreaming will help, unless they do something serious to change that.

I'll bet at least two beers that we're going tohave Mediatek Wifi7 devices supported in OpenWrt way before any Qualcomm device. Even if I don't think their schedule will hold either.

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You are referring to the NSS offloading, which has been running as blobs since IPQ806x and will probably remain as a blob with hacky kernel modifications, but you can use it without offloading like we are doing with IPQ807x.

MT7988 devices are going for sure to be supported before as Daniel seems to have access to the reference boards and probably some docs.
For IPQ957x and IPQ533x there is like 2 boards from Xiaomi that arent obscenely expensive and that's it, there just isn't any HW to kick it off like we had AX3600 that was 50 EUR.

Could be a long shot, but you might be able to install a minimal linux distro on it like Arch Linux ARM that already has kernel 6.4 and then run OpenWRT as an LXC container. When you do that, OpenWRT runs off the kernel of the host system. But figuring out how to get a normal distro to boot might be just as much work as getting OpenWRT to build with kernel 6.4, not sure.

That would be a very long shot and a far miss, which wouldn't actually save you any time or effort either (kernel v6.4 having complete or even functional/ booting hardware support for this hardware is wishful thinking, at best).

The WIFI7 router released in PRC doesn't support 6 Ghz WIFI channel, thus I will call it WIFI7- (minus) instead.