Move away from GitHub

GitHub being Microsoft-owned, is not the ideal great place for community projects such as OpenWRT.

We all know about Microsoft's historically combative stance against FOSS projects, and recently Github has been randomly shadow-banning accounts in other communities that I'm a member of.

Operating on Github is antithetical to the spirit of the OpenWRT community, and even the Software Freedom Conservancy (a prominent supporter of OpenWRT) has long advocated for Open Source projects to switch from Github:

I can see that this has been discussed before, but no move was ever made in the end. Is there anything I can do right now to help facilitate a move to a more honest and open source system, like Codeberg perhaps?


Github is mirror of

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Not any more, since a while back everything including all PR is run and administered in github.

That link doesn't seem useful for anything other than viewing the changelogs, though? It looks and feels like an internal tool designed for no one other than the creators. I don't see a way for me to clone a repo from there - where do I even find a .git link? Where do I create a PR, or report an issue?

On the OpenWRT website I also see Github as being the only place to report bugs:

Hoping for some clarity directly from one of the project leaders since this is potentially an impactful change we're discussing here.

It ain’t not much of a question.


This is quite striking. Can you expand on this?

@thess @bobafetthotmail @aparcar Can we do something about using an open source tool?

As an OpenWRT user, I feel guilty of supporting Microsoft's hegemony.

See this excellent post by @Borromini (and thread) here:

It strikes me that there are two camps. The die hard anti-corporates and the more pragmatic living alongside and working with the corporates.

The ownership of property and protection of the same is a pretty fundamental aspect of the Western world - “Thou shall not steal” implies ownership. And most innovation (say hardware advances or anticancer drugs) hinges upon labour and investment, which relies upon the creation and acquisition of property.

Probably hardware will always be developed by corporates that need to protect their investments because of the potential intensive labour and cost involved in the same. Happily some corporates quite like or don’t mind open source compatibility.

You haven’t yet expanded on your claim about the shadow banning.


Aloha, sorry I didn't read through the hole thread due to limited time. I created a mirror script which pushes things to Codeberg. I'd be happy if people try it

Other project might get up mirrored there, too. I just need to figure out a script which I don't have the time right now. We did the game for Gitlab some time ago, however I can't find the migration scripts right now - sorry.


You have to play open hand, not bush militant


FWIW, I think the fact that you cannot participate in OpenWRT (e.g. post bug reports) without running GitHub's proprietary code is indeed something that would be good to fix.


So OpenWRT isn’t unincorporated it’s incorporated internet? It’s a monster Microsoft data mine… jk

That link doesn't seem useful for anything other than viewing the changelogs, though?

It looks like gerrit, you can click on a specific project to get the URL to clone the repo, e.g. for buildbot.
It has a pretty different flow from e.g. Github or Gitlab, especially regarding uploading changes.

I see no problem at all with GitHub.
Your politic agenda is not backed by facts....


I am not sure it is solely politcs. ethos come to mind.

Now I do see as well that there is soo much overlap between politics, ethos, spirit, goal, world view and what have we that it is difficult to draw a line somewhere.

But to just barge in here with a statement like "politics bad!, need proof!" is just missing the mark completely in my view.

I for one support the idea to move away from corporate influences. And I am willing to put my money where my mouth is by means of a regular donation for the server(s) needed to keep it up and running.

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Yet to be consistent. The OP/TS should give evidence of claims of shadow banning.

Never should it be allowed for just random claims without the proper due diligence to be thrown around.

So officially retracting said statements is also an option.

Either left or right. This does not influence my stance though. I just needed to be thorough.

One side of it is the moral side.

The other side is technical. The thing with GitHub is that it has a webpage, it has apps, it has program. It pretty much work seamless and synchronized from all available platforms everywhere. And it has all functions needed in one single package.

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Yeah, but I think the OP is about M$ shadow-banning and does the community just wants to hope they don't or, at least, have a back-up plan if they do..


I still believe in GitHub. and github is not that cruel

Ahhh, I remember the 90's too; when YouTube had no ads and Google did no harm.

Good ole days.