Mounting an extra mtd on filesystem

Hi all,

I have question about mtd partition. Let me show the manual example layout to describe it.

I have a extra mtd partition just likes the mtd4 'art', which is on the example flash layout. It likes a vendor specific partition to let me save my data. Are there any possibility to have a filesystem on this partition?
How can I mount this partition during I have filesystem.

Is 'extroot' help me to do this ?


The ART partition contains radio calibration data, if you wipe it, your wifi will stop working.

Exroot is usually based on USB storage attached to the device.

Hi frollic, thanks for your reply.

The Extroot seems to extend the root, and is related to overlayFS.

I just want to mount a mtd partition with a filesystem, and read/write it. Just like I work on normal Linux without openwrt. Are there any ways that I mount a mtd without related overlayFS '/' ?


yes it's doable, but flash wear is a thing, you will kill your flash chip pretty quickly,
if you decide to write to it frequently.

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