Mount Usb On Modem

I have xiaomi 4a giga router and it doesn't have usb port and also less rom. But i have a modem (bridged mode) and it has usb port on it. My question is how can use this usb via openwrt?
I've tried many things but they didn't help.

Does the modem run Openwrt, if not, ask your ISP.
Or is it already shared?
In that case, remove the bridged mode, and reconfigure your 4a as dumb AP.

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No mate, the modem doesn't have openwrt but it has usb port on it. I've put usb on modem and shared. I can access usb via network on pc but i want to use this for aria and if i can, for extroot. That's why i must mount it on openwrt.

Does it help remove the bridged mode?


Then you need to mount it using smb client,
It's fully doable in openwrt.

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Thank you for quick response but how am i supposed do that? Btw i have 2 xiaomi routers which are same 4a giga version. One of them is main router, other one is dump AP.

CIFS Client?

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Thank you but i couldn't connect with it.

My share setting is this

And i did this

mount -t cifs // /usb1_sda1/ipa -o username=admin,password=root,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,nounix,noserverino

But i get error like this

couldn't chdir to /mnt/cifs no such file or directory

I would be amazed/perplexed if you could mount an ext-root via a network share... not impossible but very unlikely.

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I was presuming i can use for extroot but i've realized usb has slow data speed on modem via network. At least i'd like to use it for aria2/torrent.
Do i still need cifs?

openwrt doesn't need fast storage, it seldom writes anything to it.

yes, you can use it for aria/torrent, and you need smb/cifs.