Mount AP to old Phone (RJ11) Mount in Kitchen?

I have an old phone line in the kitchen (central spot in house). Any recommendations on access point and mount that could use this same hardware mount form factor? Something that looked 1/2 stylish and not just a big spider on the wall.

6 wires, judging by the outlet, max 100 mbit.

@frollic I've never done it before, but I think I can pull an ethernet cable.. My concern is more around the hardware mount and which access point would be best for a wall.

The TP-LINK EAP series, made for roof mount, i guess it wouldn't be optimally positioned, if put up on a wall instead.

RT3200 if you can create a small shelf.

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Hook a block or some harness, then connect the router there.

A lot of routers have a hole to hang it on a screw, nail etc.

That'll work too.

The mount looks pretty small, if you remove it, you end up with two small holes where the screws were and probably a hole for the cable. How are your walls constructed (Dry walls? Concrete? Bricks? ...? )?

The screw holes are standard outlet box spacing, so any ceiling/wall mount AP should attach to the same holes after removing the phone mount. Blue and orange wires look to be are at least cat 3; it's not the round parallel strand (not twisted) "quad" phone wire which is unsuitable for data.

This depends a lot on the region! Being used to round wall boxes, this mount seems to be much bigger. But we will know for sure when @lamelogin removes the mount :slight_smile:

If anything near Gigabit speed is desired, the cable needs to be replaced anyway. How easy that is depends on the construction of the wall/house.

Thank you for replying and thinking about my ask. Here is a pic of the mount, I'm in the Midwest (Chicago). The wall is drywall with wood 2x4s holding it up.

I'd pull out the current cable, and pull a cat 5e or better in, while doing so.


I'd do the same, maybe even two or more if required. Can't tell you more regarding wall construction and junction box as I'm located in Europe with round boxes :slight_smile:

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The more, the better, assuming they'll fit.

There are siames cables, you pull in one, and get two.
I use those in our house, got 22 outlets :slight_smile:

Maybe even an EAP615-Wall will work, since you got a fixture (I have no idea how the 'pot' in the wall is called in English).

Edit: it's called a wall box, apparently, and the EAP615-Wall fits what looks to be your wall box as well.

Yep, but be careful with the cable and plugs: installation cables are thicker and require either specialised (big) plugs or outlets.
You might be able to fit a KeyStone jack and a short patch cable in, as an alternative (that's what I did, it's a tight fit in our round wall box).

Ubiquiti definitely has a product (Ubiquiti Access Point In-Wall HD) which is designed to mount to the RJ45 outlet, but you'd need to run an ethernet cable there as far as I remember, same as with the TP-Link product recommended above.

It requires some frotting indeed. My solution (a male RJ-45 jack on the installation cable) may not be the most kosher, but it does the job.