Monitoring interfaces for ISP Bandwith - ignore LAN (br-lan) I assume?

So I am claiming BS on Comcasts "bandwith monitor" and would like to compare it against my own, which appears to be WAY lower than what they report. I have been running nlbwmon for a couple months (router is a Nighthawk R7800 with LEDE/Luci) and I have the nlbwmon configuration page enabled for only the WAN (eth0) interface - despite the default value (I thnk) was enabled on LAN (br-lan) and WAN (eth0) if I recall at least. So I unchecked the LAN option and I want to make sure I'm not totally high and doing it wrong.

Would this be correct - if I only want to monitor and compare my Internet traffic to what crapcast says I'm using?

I also just installed vnstat and that also had LAN monitoring enabled by default. I am left it alone for now so I can compare between vnstat and nlbwmon. I am about to uninstall them both and try YAMon..

Any insight is appreciated! Thank you!

P.S. OpenWRT/LEDE is pretty awesome! I'll never going back to stock devices/firmware! EVER!!

vnstat and netdata should give you a pretty good overview.

I just use Luci (Network->Interfaces) page it has a clear summary since boot for WAN.

I developed YAMon because, like you, I did not trust my ISP's reports... after running YAMon on a variety of routers and firmware variants for 5+ years, I have to acknowledge that my ISP (Rogers in Canada) is accurate... generally 4-6% higher than what YAMon tallies (and I suspect that discrepancy could be accounted for with packet overhead that YAMon does not see inside the router).

Let me know if you have any questions about YAMon... there's a lot more info available at