Modification of wlan connection function of openwrt

i want to change the function of wireless to be able to accepte any password and save it to a file help me to do it if possible or just tel me where is thi function in the source code thanks in advance

You wanna save the wpa psk which the user entered while he is connecting to your created wifi ap?
If yes, this is not possible due to the handshake mechanisms without transmitting the key over the air. Simple explained, it works like the well known challenge response mechanisms which never transmits the secret over the line.


thank you right is not possible

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  • This thread is very similar to: Password Verification. That thread more explains why the passphrase/key is never seen.
  • Also, it's similar to another thread - where the OP wanted to find a way to access the neighbor's WiFi; because he did want to pay for the password

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Can you explain why you need to do this?
Perhaps there's another solution.

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Actually no it's not me. But I read further about how WPA works and understood that isn't possible in anyway.

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