Modem WiFi not working when using OpenWrt WiFI

Hello guys, im having an odd issue with my house modem WiFi and when using my OpenWRT WiFi.
My Modem has its default gateway as being, thus having its iPv4 range of My OpenWRT device is connected via LAN and offers via WIFI an access point as i have poor reach from my room.

When i connect via my phone to my moden WiFI, i get as aspected a random iPv4 address, a static netmask ( and a gateway address of However would i switch on the OpenWRT module, my gateway changes to and no internet connected is given from the original WiFI.

The Setup of my OpenWRT is as follows:

  • in interfaces a LAN entity has been added with the following:
  • Apperently new users cant post more pictures, so ill try to throw them in the chat

The DHCP server in your OpenWrt dumb AP is still running, causing it to serve incorrect settings to clients. There should be only one DHCP server in the network, in this case the one in your main router.

In OpenWrt, edit the LAN network (the screenshots you posted). Click the DHCP server tab and turn off the DHCP server (check the box that says "ignore"). Then click on IPv6 and set the DHCP6 server options to disabled as well.

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What a champ! Thank you for learning me something new :smiley: It worked instantly and now the problem is fixed. Merry Christmas and thank you for your help!

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