Modem Manager dependency

What is the deal with Modem Manager? Is it now offically in OpenWRT.

Trying to build a vanilla image using 19.07 I get the following issues:

WARNING: Makefile 'package/feeds/luci/luci-proto-modemmanager/Makefile' has a dependency on 'modemmanager', which does not exist

It is in master, but the maintainer has not backported it to the stable 19.07

I don't know a bunch about this, so how do I make it work?

ModemManager is not in 19.07, but it is in master. It didn't make it in time to be included in the release. Should we remove luci-proto-modemmanager from the 19.07 LuCI branch? Is a backport of MM to 19.07 allowed?

Is master branch same as the snapshot?

Yes, have the same problem compiling 19.07 for R7800.

Waiting for your help

So I should use "git pull" instead of "git checkout openwrt-19.07" ?

It can be done, but somebody needs to backport the package definition to 19.07, compile and test it, and then author the pull request.

This problem is solved, yesterday I compiled19.07 for my R7800 without a problem.
(compared to DDWRT compiling is very very easy :slight_smile:)

Thanks all developers and staff

Could you share the details? Thanks

I did this for checkout:
git checkout openwrt-19.07

And after that just followed the instructions given here:

I made a fairly minimalistic build with OpenVPN, Open VPN Policy routing and Wireguard and the accompanying Luci apps

Now trying to make a build with more goodies :slight_smile:

The LuCI GUI package was removed from 19.07 as the corresponding actual package was not backported and available in 19.07.


Thanks that explains why I had to load Luci while I thought I had it compiled.
I am an experienced DDWRT user but learning OpenWRT, had your build running and liked it very much but the last one I tried I could not load Wireguard because of incompatible Kernel.

So I am trying to compile my own build which now runs with Wireguard, but I have to check if that has already some performance settings, the stock OpenWRT 18.06 was really horrible, up_threshold at 95 etc.

Anyway thanks for all your work and your excellent build

After running this command, I can't find modem manager in the network or luci section. maybe I am missing something?

It's not in 19.07 at this time

Do we have any news regarding the modemmanager? Is it going to be available on 19.07.02

modemmanager package it is available and I have already installed it.
However luci-proto-modemmanager doesn't exist any more.