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I hope someone can help. My modem is a BT HomeHub 5A running OpenWRT 19.07.7. Behind it, I have a Ryzen based PC media server that runs 24/7. The PC has one motherboard 1gbps port, and 2x 4 port PCIe 1gbps cards (it's a posh switch!). It also has loads of hard disk space (several disks), and TV tuner cards. It's basically the hub of my network.

Where I'm at is at some point fibre broadband will come online here and it'll connect the consumer unit directly to the mobo network and media server will take over the lot. However at the moment the HH5 running OpenWRT is connected to VDSL line and links into media server over NAT.

I'd like to put the modem into bridge mode though, so it's just acting as a modem and the PC handles all VDSL authentication etc. So the eth0 on the PC registers on the VDSL network, picks up the external IP address, and makes my routing a lot tidier.

Could anyone please advise me on how to put the HH5 and OpenWRT into this type of bridge mode?

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iirc, the guides on ebilan cover this use case:

Do you know where? I've read that pdf and can't seem to find it. I'm Aspergers and the document isn't that well organised...? I'd appreciate a pointer ?

My modem connects to VDSL fine, but I just want it in bridge mode, so eth0 on the server obtains the external IP address?


What about "9.8 VDSL/ADSLBridge modem"?

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slh, you are a legend and a Gentleman (or Lady) of honor, thank you!

Thats my project tomorrow,

Thank you so much :smiley: