Mode WIFI STA bridge with LAN does not work

That would be surprising as Orange surely has more customers than number of OpenWrt users
But also that for example AsRock also many customers provide compatible firmware
it is enough besides to check the WPS compatibility of the material
Seriously believe that Orange as well as all the access providers in France and perhaps the whole world would not care about its millions of customers, that would be amazing

What is the workaround with OpenWrt, it's been several years that nothing has changed ?

As our friend "brico1981" says it works with mediatek/ralink drivers like what happens to build or at home with PandoraBox, Padavan...

Either we definitively throw the MT76 Openwt drivers in the trash , or we make them compatible or we start working with those of Mediatek i do not see any other solution

It would be nice if this is really reported and solved

The open source drivers such as mt76 and ath9k adhere closely to the IEEE specification which means that a STA interface can't be in a bridge, because there is no way to transmit a final destination MAC address back to the AP. The MAC address of the destination needs to be the same as the MAC of the radio because there are only three MACs in the packet (original source, AP radio, and STA radio/destination).

Other drivers may work around this by spoofing ARPs similar to how relayd works (sort of). Fundamentally though the IEEE specification assumes that the device at the STA end of an AP-STA link will be a single endpoint (a laptop or tablet etc)-- not a switch, and there is no good way around that.

This is mostly an issue with IPv4. IPv6 can work to almost full potential with layer 3 links. Looking forward to future developments there is little reason to "fix" this.


The Livebox 6 and SFR Box 8 are bad hardware that does not comply with an IEEE standard ?

Yet they make WIFI 6E

These boxes also do WPS to bridge LAN and WIFI with the ASROCK G10 that i am currently using very good at home with the manufacturer's firmware

Well, sometimes the stock firmware is the better choice than OpenWrt.
And sometimes it's vice versa.
Nobody said that OpenWrt is the ultimate solution for everything.

If it doesn't work for you, you're free to help to enhance it or you can just use what better fits your needs.

openwrt will always win, always. openwrt is just number one because you can do anything. sure you need know how things work.

you cannot say that on openwrt forum, do you get that? use it or find a different solution.
i don't want to start talk about mt76, they are the most advanced wifi 5 and 6 open drivers, they can do unique things.
i think the 70/100 of people cannot really read understand what a wireless driver can do.
so in short, use it or find a solution if you want use OPENWRT

For brico1981

Run fine with MTK driver & NeWifi-D2

TV & WIFI / STA bridge

Per me ho appena scoperto che il driver mt76 non funzionava come dovrebbe ma, cerca nel forum, e troverai qualcuno che ha detto che il driver OpenWrt mt76 era una schifezza

What network is the STA interface connected to?

And WDS doesn't have that limit?

ora stiamo superando ogni limite qui,se gradisci usare openwrt, per piacere non offendere il lavoro delle altre persone.

that's italian please translate.

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1 - My Newifi-D2 is connected in STA to my Orange LiveBox 6 box (WIFI 6E)

2 - OpenWrt WDS does not work with Orange Livebox 6 & SFR BOX 8 used by more than 30 million people here in France

So is STA routed?

no that's a firmware that i compiled with mtk wifi drivers.

As in the tittle but with MTK drivers:

Mode WIFI STA bridge with LAN work

you drive me crazy on the other post that even that was not working


it was yesterday, I tried again today, I'm stubborn

I'm going to look at the other post but I don't know where it is.

it's bricco the name of one of my old dog

I am a stubborn 76 year old dog ...

ok sorry if sometimes i'm aggressive, but i'm a good man

peace and happy Christmas

It would be nice if git included a new ralink directory for MTK drivers as with pandorabox source codes, something to have fun compiling firmware that works correctly

i told you make a working pc to build openwrt i'll sent you all you need.