Mobile themes (GUI)

Hi there!

I'm looking for Luci themes that have good support for mobile devices. Since I don't have any desktop devices, I need to make sure the GUI looks nice on my mobile devices.

Also, if I install a new Luci theme, will my Adblock plugin settings be preserved? I want to make sure my ad blocking preferences carry over when I change themes.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations for mobile-friendly Luci themes, and if the Adblock settings will be retained during a theme change.

(Translated, sorry if some mistakes)

search luci-themes- in package manager.
default bootstrap has menu bar on top, others have that left side or expandable on vertical screens.

I know this. Can you recommend exact theme(s) that will be comfortable used on small screens?

Hope you have seen this:
Also non mainstream

luci-theme-openwrt-2020 would be something to try first, as this is a vanilla-OpenWrt-supported option.

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