Mkfs.f2fs not available in ramdisk for sysupgrade

While working to port a device to OpenWRT, I noticed mkfs.f2fs package is not included while creating the ramdisk for sysupgrade.

This particular Linksys device is based on eMMC and can hold two firmware sets, and reusing the free space of the rootfs partition is useful.
The logic added to the sysupgrade process requires creating a F2FS partition at a computed offset (SquashFS superblock bytes_used + OpenWRT Overlay align space), mainly to store the sysupgrade.tgz for the new firmware.

Is there a different way to accomplish the same thing?

Thanks in advance.

Did you add mkfs.f2fs to RAMFS_COPY_BIN variable in of your device's target (or subtarget)?


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Thanks, I missed that part in the code.

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