Mistake in setting up vlan

hello folks
i am trying to setup a private vlan 03 that should be connected to telephony and get internet from wan, my pc gets a correct ip range but it does not load data from the internet.
I am new to vlan concepts, so please forgive my ignorance.
When should i use tagged and untagged?
The rescue interface works with static ip but it also does not load data from internet.

Set up a new firewall zone for it, that forwards to wan. Using lan means the telephony network can connect to the router services (ssh, Luci) the same as lan. That is not secure.

Notice on the first screenshot there is no link to the LAN4 Ethernet port, and you received a LAN IP address on the PC. This suggests the PC was plugged into the wrong port. The numbers in OpenWrt may not correspond to the labels on the case.

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Here is the setting of the telephony interface. It gets ip from the dynamic range correctly and i can load the internet from wan correctly. But i installed zerotier and i want this vlan lan4 port only to go through zerotier, otherconnections go through normal internet connection.

I fogot to say that on the zerotier website, i can see the switch and another station. The ip in zerotier is 10.145.x.x and the ip got from the switch is 192.168.33.x