Missing SSID in wireless scan

Hi, running OpenWrt 19.07.0 on NanoStation M2 and strangely in wireless scan results one SSID is just missing. I can connect to it via phone or PC without any problems. Any ideas why it is missing?

What is the config?

Does this mean you see the SSID broadcasting and displayed on these machines; or did you manually enter it?

What machine are you scanning from?

No sure how to answer your first question. NanoStation is connected to airGateway in bridge mode. Yes SSID is broadcasting, I can connect to this SSID and use it in auto mode on both phone and PC. Scanning with NanoStation via Luci.

I was simply asking how you configured the AP.

:bulb: So then, it's not missing in wireless scans, correct?


Does this mean you're scanning from the same WiFi radio you're looking for?

If so, that would be your issue.

EDIT: Is it another AP running at 5.4 GHz? (the M2 is only 2.4 GHz - if I read the specs correctly)

e.g. AP SSID = NET1
wireless scan on phone: NET1 is available and no problem to connect
wireless scan on NanoStation OpenWrt: NET1 is missing

Another AP running at 2.4 GHz. Moreover this AP worked just fine this morning.

I think I found the problem... so missing AP is on channel 12, but in Luci's Device Configuration section under Operating frequency there are only 11 channels or auto. Changed country code and bingo.

Yes, if you are in a country with more than 11 2.4 GHz channels, that would cause a problem - as those aren't legal in some nations.*

Glad you figured it out!

* - I assume it's legal in your country to use channel 12 on 2.4 GHz; and that you set your router to your nation.