Missing something for L2TP

Hello All,

I'm new to OpenWRT but for now everything is setup :slight_smile:

Already openend a port to my plex machine and canyouseeme.org is confirming that. Plex is working without problems.

Also got a Windows L2TP running and wanted to open ports for that also. Did that the same way as i did for Plex port. But no succes.


I'm missing something?

Thanks in advance!

Have you configured your Windows machine to handle IPSEC NAT-T?

Have you allowed IP protocol 50 (ESP) and possibly 51 (AH)?

I'm hoping that you've properly secured the channel as L2TP alone is not secure.

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Hi Jef,

Windows server is configured as before and L2TP ports are the same as i had on my other router os before i installed openwrt.

So there must be a setting that is not correct on openwrt i think.