Misleading warning on TechData page for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite

The TechData page for the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite has a misleading warning that may also occur on pages for devices with similar capabilities. Although this device has only 4MB of Flash, that flash is only used for storage of the initial bootloader and firmware is actually stored on an internal 4GB USB Flash device. Should the TechData be modified to reflect the storage available for firmware?

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Thanks for the pointer.

I see conflicting numbers:

What is the correct value? Are maybe both correct (old devices 2GB, new devices 4GB?)

The actual internal device is a 4GB flash drive. The stock firmware makes use of 2GB, but there is actually 3.8GB available for use. Its a standard short USB flash drive and I can be replaced. Mine is now using a 16GB SanDisk Cruzer Fit..

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OK, I have updated the dataentry to 4MB + 4GB and removed the 4/32 warning.

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Is there a quick way to see all devices that currently have the warning? If so, I can review to determine whether there may be any similar devices currently tagged.

=> 260 pages with the 4/32 warning

Have fun! :slight_smile:

I've also submitted a patch months ago making it less of a pain to flash this device....

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