MiniPC router project - What M.2 (or USB) - 5GHz wifi card?

I want to make use of my small form factor HP PC. It has 8GB RAM, SSD, Low DTP Dual Core CPU with passive cooling and basically looks preety nice.
There is small problem with it, there is only 2.4GHz wifi card that works under Ubuntu, but not with OpenWRT.
However, for 2.4GHz I found old Netgear 150Mbps USB Dongle - wchich is fine and enough for old devices.
More problem is 5GHz network - I was googlig last 2 days and couldn't find anything that would be good enogh to be used as AP.

Do you have any suggestions what WiFi M.2 cart could I use for 5GHz AP? It could be USB(2 or 3) dongle.

Thanks :slight_smile: