Minimum Bitrate for Clients

Hello everyone,
is there a possibility to set the minimum data rate of the clients according to MCS Codes.

For Example:
Every Client Connectting to radio0 using minimum MCS 4 and never less than MCS 4.

Something like the option basic_rate and supported_rates but for the extended rates.

Sorry if this is a dump question and i missing something regarding IEEE Standards.

Unless I misunderstand you, it's possible to set channel bandwidth and N/Legacy. You cannot pick on-air Tx/Rx rates for the client-side. It's done on-the-fly by the client based on some factors - some unrelated to the AP.

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Thank you for your reply. I try to make it a bit clearer.
Question is if there is a way to set a minimum rate required by the AP?

Completely clear. Nope.

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