Minidlna is missing

Since ~3 weeks I can not find minidlna in developer snapshots. Does somebody know why?

It indirectly depends on BUILD_PATENTED via libffmpeg, which is no longer enabled by default. You'll have to build it yourself.

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can you show an example of how to build libffmpeg and add it to lede packages?
thank you

To compile-in minidlna you need to add libffmpeg-custom first in menuconfig. By the way, I have a question about libffmpeg-custom. What do I need to select under libffmpeg-custom to make *.mkv files playable? Minidlna doesn't recognize any media files with default libffmpeg-custom config.

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Has a serious mistake been made here?
Many (Most??) users do not build themselves but instead downland a ready made build.
Does this really mean that when they upgrade they may well find that functionality they use and need (minidlna) suddenly becomes unavailable.
If so, this must count as breaking userland - anyone doing this on the kernel would get a blast from Linus they would likely not forget.
Could someone better qualified clarify the situation please?

Read this and comment on github.

Hi @HimuraCarter, were you able to find out what you needed in libffmpeg-custom to compile working minidlna? I've been trying but can't figure it out.


Check "Include support for Minidlna" under libffmpeg-custom.

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Excellent, thanks.

This is sad news. I suppose I understand why the decision was made, but it's still going to undercut a whole bunch of LEDE/OpenWRT users who don't have the time, background, interest, or ability to build their own images (which, from one user's description, seems a little more complex than it's often made out to be). Hell, I might be better off staying with the vendor's proprietary firmware that includes DLNA, rather than having to learn how to build my own LEDE/OpenWRT.

I think you misssed the OPs request. It needs to be installed by default...and in the development snapshots.

If you use the 17.01.4 release firmware provided online, you simply install the packages (and its prerequisites). No custom firmware is needed.

Yeah, I did; sorry about that! And thanks for clarifying that there's no change in the release firmware images.

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