Mikrotik RBM33G - Anyone running this?

So I am yet again in search of a replacement gateway / AP.


2 x mini pcie slots (check!)
Can route close to 500mbits (check?)

After looking through quite a bit of hardware online I found this:

The Mikrotik RBM33G.

Anyone using this device?

A) Any issues running both of the mini pcie slots? I will want to put in a 2.4ghz and a 5ghz adapter in to this thing. (I have some experience with this, I have a Hytsou H5 upstairs with a similar setup, running two of Mikrotiks mini pcie adapters... Works flawlessly).

B) Can the NT7621 route 500mbits without any issues? My firewall will be fairly light... Just the basic rules.

The two ether ports will be sufficient for me as I have a switch right beside my main gateway (where our WAN comes in) so I can just exit to that and off it goes to the rooms upstairs.


If you're merely going to run wifi in both slots I'd suggest one of the $30 Chinese MT7621 + 7603 + 7612 dual band routers instead.

As for routing at 500 Mb that's probably beyond what a MT7621 can do, though it is a great chip for 200 Mb or so.

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Thanks for the heads up.

Reading into it now, looks like you are right.

Looks like I am going to go with one of these:


Quite a bit more then I had planed to spend... All in it will cost me close to 300USD (Board + case + msata + 2 x wifi mini pcie), but it should last for years to come.