Mikrotik rb921 didnt work with OpenWrt

hi there
i buy two mikrotik rb921 triple (netmetal 5shp triple)

i try to install openwrt with it , i use ar71xx target for this case so i use dnsmasq to upload it ar71xx vmlinux-initramfs.elf and after successful upload device didnt work i cant access it and cant ping to it any more i try use other images so i use nand-large-ac-initramfs-kernel.bin
but its same its upload successful and i cant access device .
i use 19.07.6 release and i try other release and its same

is there any problem with openwrt image for this products ,
as i see in wiki :

its should work because its same hardware of mANTBox 15 which is support by image

other things i open one of theme and see there board its same board of mANTBox except its 3 chain not 2 chain

this picture from rb921 triple board if help

NOTE : i have 5 mikrotik rb912 work with custom openwrt image without any problem .

any idea ?

now i try sfp port to access device but its same dont work ?

its solved .
The problem with my linux machine so i uploaded .elf file and after successfull upload i change machine to windows so its connect fine and i can ping and get dhcp client from openwrt and work fine ! Really i dont know why debian 10 with kde cant connect with device after boot !!

So the mantbox 15 image work fine with rb921 triple without any problem

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