Mikrotik LHG 5 xl hp

hi, i see that the LHG 5 is supported. i found a good deal with the similar LHG 5 xl hp. looks like the cpu and wlan hardware is the same . this have a bigger dish 27 dbi and the radio is txpower 28 dbm. will this device work with the same firmware?

hi i got it and is working great with the new 19 branch. only the power led is working. no ethernet no wifi and no usr led are working. how can i try to fix that please?

Start by manually accessing /sys/class/gpio to find which GPIO pin each LED is connected to. Then you can modify the dts file for the correct pins.

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root@OpenWrt:~# cd /sys/class/gpio                                                                                             
root@OpenWrt:/sys/class/gpio# ls                                                                                               
export       gpiochip0    gpiochip489  unexport 

not sure if that is what you ask ,or i need go in with sftp for other specific info?