Mikrotik HAPLite RB941-2nD Firmware flash from Ubuntu

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I'm trying to flash the Mikrotik HAPLite RB941-2nD router. I've followed the instructions in here. But with no luck.

I use Ubuntu. I've installed and configured isc-dhcp-server with tftpd-hpa.

When I depress the reset button and then plug the power cable on the router, syslog in Ubuntu shows a BOOTREQUEST from router's mac address.

It tries for 25-35 times and then restarts with default firmware.

How can I flash the firmware using Ubuntu? in Ubuntu, is there any turnkey product like TinyPXE server in Windows?

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Alright. I finally managed to boot initramfs and then sysupgrade a snapshot firmware.

The documentation here references Luci for sysupgrade. Yet I couldn't access the Luci interface, so I thought perhaps the snapshot initramfs doesn't have Luci built-in.

So I ssh'ed into the router and sysupgraded manually. The first message was "Image metadata not found". But it got restarted and it even got an IP from a DHCP server with hostname "OpenWRT".

Now, the problem is the new IP it got from the DHCP server, I cannot ssh into it.

What am I missing here?

I just realized that the device restarts over and over again. Cannot reset either. I've tried everything written in failsafe documentation.

That's right.

If it is the WAN interface, by default the firewall won't allow you to connect. You'll have to connect from the LAN port.

Did you enable the console?

Hi @trendy,

I haven't been able to enable serial port. Can you please walk me through on how to accomplish it? Couldn't quite comprehend the docs unfortunately.

I don't have the particular device so I cannot help in any other way.
Which part of the documentation you didn't understand?

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I see.

Well, the "enabling serial port" part. It is very confusing, as I don't understand if I need the original OS to do what it says, or if OpenWRT somehow supports RouterBOOT. Hell, I couldn't even understood if RouterBOOT is a software to be installed on computer, or something to be flashed as a bootloader for the device.

Also it says compiling the kernel with some flags to enable serial port, which is alright to some point; to the point where say I've compiled the kernel, how can I flash it onto the device if I don't have any access to failsafe or the serial port.

Device restarts repeatedly (after every 8-10 seconds). I can't get into failsafe mode via reset button, it doesn't get any IP from DHCP so I cannot ssh into it even for a brief moment.

I've ordered a new device and I'll try to flash snaphot OpenWRT again. Let's see what happens. I believe the device at hand is gone.

I fear the same thing would happen to the new device. What I don't understand is (this is the first I'm having this kind of problem during the last 5 years) how would a snapshot OpenWRT brick the device? What are the factors here that would result in such a behaviour?

Do you have any ideas?

My guess is that you should read this about Mikrotik Boot. Connect a Serial 3,3V TTL cable on the board, after you solder the pins (or hold them steadily). If you can see something, there is hope. If not, I don't think it will be worthy the time to fix it.

I can only speculate here. Could be faulty image, some error during uploading leading to corrupted image. If you cannot verify the integrity of the file after it is uploaded on the router, you can only cross fingers that all goes well.

:slight_smile: Understood.

I can't see anything after connecting to the serial port. It says in docs that initially the serial port is not enabled, there is a flag which kernel has to be compiled with; only after then I can see something on serial output.

Anyway; I'm gonna try the new one. Let's see what happens. I'll update here as soon as I can.

Thank you very much @trendy :vulcan_salute:

Maybe in the new unit you should enable the console first thing. Otherwise you cannot be sure what went wrong with flashing.

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Hi, try loading initramfs again and then install sysupgrade.bin.


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