Migrate x86_64 openwrt patches to linux distro

is there a relatively easy way to "extract" and apply all patches from x86_64 build to debian/ubuntu distro for kernel, ath10k, various wifi performance patches.
How should i start?

There all here:

Keep in mind OpenWrt typically uses the wireless stack of the latest LTS kernel, but not necessarily the latest LTS kernel itself. E.g. latest LTS is 5.15 and OpenWrt uses that wireless stack (through the kernel backports) but porting efforts are for the 5.10 kernel on master, for the next release.

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There's also quite a bit of patches in generic that gets applied and applies to X86_64/amd64



thnx for the info,
one more question,
how i can find actual .config with which will apply to kernel for compiling?

Edit. I combine x86 + x64 config-5.10 files with merge-tools.sh, and apply patches from generic and x86 kernel then mac80211 parches on ubuntu mainline kernel 5.10.87.

Wverything works as expected!

Thnx sooo much guys!

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