Migrate TP-Link "bandwidth control" settings to OpenWrt

I have now pi4 as my main router and my archer c7 is working in access point mode and it is connected with pi4 in lan port.
But issue is on guest wifi on archer c7 speed limit is not working. For speed limit to work i need to activate DHCP client on the archer and use it as a router. If i use my c7 as router then there will be issue of double NAT and devices connected with pi4 switch will not be able to communicate with archer c7. I want them all devices to be on same lan.


Is there any workaround for this in openwrt?

Please explain what "speed limit" configs you placed in the Archer or just show them.

I surmise whatever configs you made simply need to be migrated to the Pi4.

i tried both


  • Wait wait...where's the OpenWrt device???
  • Are you saying this config is an OEM TP-Link setting?
    • If so, what are you asking of the OpenWrt forum?

Workaround for what???

You'd simply need to make speed rules, since the OpenWrt is now your router. Simple.

The TP-Link won't magically continue to perform the task when you replaced it...your wording is quite confusing. I've edited the title to better reflect your request.

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sorry English is not my first language.

ok thank you for every device or i can add devices using mac addresses?
can you please guide me, how to add speed rules.

Install nft-qos and add your custom speed rules.


I have installed SQM. Will it work with SQM without causing any issues?

Install one of them only.
Sqm will balance bandwidth among all users in an equal way.
Nft-qos will micromanage the bandwidth per host.

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