Mi router 4s gigabit leds set up

Help help me to configure mi router 4a leds
When internet is working blue light
When internet is not working but enternet is connected yellow light
When wire is not connected
This is output of

root@OpenWrt:~# ls /sys/class/leds/
blue:status    mt76-phy0      mt76-phy1      yellow:status

I want to change that one that says blue:status
And yellow:status

change how ?

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I mean I want to use that led for internet status

copy and change, where needed.

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Can you give me script

you already received two + the config route posted by @lleachii ?

I don't have knowledge about openwrt plus replacing led name in script it's pain if I brick the router I don't have pc to unbrick

then you'll learn something new in the process.

in your opinion, someone should do the painful part for you ?

hardly happening if you get the LEDs wrong.

the LED setup is somewhat device specific, you own the device.