Mi Router 4C, is it good for beginners?

I want to buy the Mi Router 4C, I see it's cheaper than others and I think is a good option to start. It's not a budget thing. It's more a way to start with openwrt since I'm sure I will not need advanced features in a short or medium term.

I see that for OpenWRT_21.X is recommended a RAM of 128MB, but the Mi Router 4C has 64MB. Apparently some functions may not work properly. I suppose that its 16MB of ROM is OK.

  1. I'd like to use the Mi Router 4C to limit bandwidth for some devices connected to Wifi or at least by ethernet port. Also would be helpful to use VLANs. Can work as a repeater?

  2. I'd like to know if that would be possible even when the 4C has 64MB. Also I'd like to know what options will not be working, or there's a limit of connected devices.

  3. Besides I want to know if there's no issues with the GUI LuCi or other.

  4. Also I've read there's some issues about the WiFi
    OpenWrt for Xiaomi Mi Router 4C - #117 by ffez
    Or perhaps there's an alternative ROM to solve that problem?

Thanks for the info or advices that you can provide me.

Depending on your needs, a raspberry pi might be a better choice, since they're a lot easier to recover.

But the wifi is so-so, at best.

The Mi 4C is not something that anyone should buy these days. In the $30 price class there are several MT7621 based choices like the 4A Gigabit which have much more power:

  • multicore CPU
  • dual band
  • gigabit Ethernet
  • 128 MB RAM

The features above I would consider essential for any new router purchase to be useful into the future.

What is your Internet service speed? That really decides how much CPU you need in the router.


…especially as in particular beginners tend to experiment quite a bit, until settling on their final package set and configuration, resource constrained devices make this harder than necessary (and their predictable life span would be needlessly constrained by low flash/ RAM sizes).

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I think its a very cheap MT7628DAN based device. Ram is included in the SoC. Flash is easy to be echanged for 16M, i modified a dts to not waste space, basically some uboot /cant find it, imho with web restore, uboot env and the factory partition. Remain is for program. Unfortunately my kernel was incompatible with further packages, but i think every flash space is a +.


I think i used some uboot from sources for an mt7628 device, mtk sdk 4.3 or 5

heoretically there could be USB lines available, if lucky. Very cheap routers unfortunately MT...